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    If I call to the aid, will come?

    „Hi. The good book at you in hands, could not but pay attention“ or „Oh, you read the excellent book. It to be pleasant to you?“ For the young people who are carried away by music there should be no barriers at all. „Hi. I look, too it are pleasant to you. How to you their latest album?“ „Cool camera. You are engaged in the photo? It too very much it to be pleasant to me“
    Be prepared for the most interesting acquaintances in Syktyvkar, they can happen already now!
    Abstract of occupation „Acquaintance to sounds, word“
    The sympathy is rather unpredictable. When the man likes the girl, it is difficult to tell for certain that she attracts him. As a fundamental factor serves gait, a smile, appearance or a manner of a conversation. The most courageous representatives of a strong half of mankind prefer to get acquainted on the street. It is difficult to call actions lungs therefore it is important to adhere to a certain instruction. Skilled pikaper advise to pay attention to psychological aspects. Let’s consider them one after another.
    • To apply – keeps changes without closing of a dialog box.
    the benevolent style of communication accepted on the website is pleasant to me, the forum/chat under any photo or in any diary can be arranged, is full of normal people, foreigners too.
    Fragment from the comic story:
    Hello! My name is Vakhmyanina Olga Nikolaevna, I am piano teacher, I train in playing this musical instrument. This tool is familiar to you? Tell, somebody is able to play on it? And who would like to learn to play instrument? What you need it for? What pieces of music would play on the tool? How you think what needs to be known to play instrument? (Answers of students).
    Acquaintance purpose. I Look for the romantic relations. I want to find the normal and adequate man with whom interesting interlocutor it will be good to me and to have a good time)
    Russia Khabarovsk, edge Nanaian, district Beacon, page.
    Here it is necessary to write about with what it attracted you and why you chose it among other girls.
    Last moments of Wirth:
    nearly died of their sharp eyes – Dina began to yell.
    Teacher. Listen children what Carlson suggests us to dnimat a hand? Children, let’s try to get acquainted sposobom.esl you want to answer with it raise a hand. Show how it is necessary to raise a hand. How still it is possible to raise a hand, children? Let’s choose as it is the most convenient to raise a hand. (Introduction of a sign) (Slide).
    I sharply turned towards a source of this bright light beam, and noticed how the window is closed in the apartment opposite. I began to undo a brassiere, pulled together from it a jacket, and before us her big breasts of the fourth size opened.
    this smart employer.
    Territorial subject of the federation. Tambov region.


    Schon sehr bedauerlich, wenn man bei der Übersetzung nicht einmal mehr ahnen kann, worum es eigentlich geht und der Erklärtext eigentlich quasi unverständlich wird. Aber naja, die korrekte Sprache des Forums hier wird sowieso viel mehr Deutsch sein. 😉 Insofern sollte man dafür vermutlich besser eine andere Plattform aufsuchen.

    Wäre es nicht schlimm, wenn jeder sagte, wo kämen wir denn hin und niemand schauen würde, um zu sehen, wohin man denn käme. wenn man denn ginge.

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